Venture Sharks Audience Participation Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding for 2017 is now closed.

Official Rules. Venture Club of Louisville (Venture Connectors) will conduct an Audience Participation Crowdfunding Campaign (Fund) at the Muhammad Ali Center and on the club website, All monies donated to Venture Connectors for the Fund will be paid in full, minus fees, to the winner of the Venture Sharks Audience Participation Vote. All donations are subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and is void where prohibited.

Selection of the Winning Company. During the May Venture Connectors luncheon, May 3, 2017, one participating company will be selected by attending audience vote via text messaging. The winning company will be announced at end of the luncheon and listed on the Venture Connectors’ website.

Eligibility. All participation is open to all persons’ age 18 and older and subject to these Official Rules.

Gifting. Beginning March 8, 2017, anyone eligible will be able to donate at the March and April monthly Venture Connectors’ luncheon meetings or anytime online at the Venture Connectors’ website. Donations may be in cash (USD) or via credit card. All donations shall be final, and no refunds will be issued by Venture Connectors.

Donations are Not Tax Deductible. Venture Connectors is not recognized as a 501(c) organization for purposes of the United States Internal Revenue Code, and thus donations are non-deductible.

The Prize. The full amount of the prize minus any fees will be awarded to the winner of the Audience Participation Vote.

Taxes. Any and all taxes associated with donations are the responsibility of the donor, not Venture Connectors.