Trends in podcasting

Podcasting is not new, but the industry has flourished in recent months. Data says that only a portion as small as 22% of Americans were aware of podcasts just a few years ago. By 2020, nearly 75% of U.S. adults use the medium. The reason why podcasts have become so popular is that they are easy to consume and suitable for both personal and professional topics. Our February virtual lunch featured a panel of podcast experts, who shared their experience with the medium, how it can be effective marketing for startups and many other businesses, as well as tips on how to launch your own podcast.

Panelists were Jacob Bozarth, cofounder and CEO of Resonate Recordings, a leading podcast creation, production and hosting platform in Louisville; Bradley Davis, co-founder and CEO of Podchaser, a VC-backed podcast database; Laura Ellis, Senior Producer & Podcast Editor at Louisville Public MediaLogan Jones, co-host and producer for the Middle Tech podcast in Lexington; and Chase Minnifield, President of EZ Turn and cohost of CTC (Cut the Check) podcast in Lexington. The panel was moderated by Jason Falls, head of digital strategy at Cornett, a full-service advertising agency based in Lexington, and host of two marketing podcasts, Digging Deeper and Winfluence.