We’re pleased to announce that the winner of the 2012 Venture Sharks™ competition is Wicked Sheets.  This year’s competition brought in over fifty applicants.  The preliminary competition – the Nurse Sharks round – narrowed completion down to five finalists who fended for themselves against a savvy panel of business leaders hungry for the next great investment at the Venture Connectors monthly luncheon on May 2, 2012.


Wicked Sheets are luxury bed sheets designed to wick away moisture from the body, keeping both you and your bed cool and dry while you sleep. This US-based company was founded in 2008 and has experienced exponential revenue growth from online and retail sales year over year. As this year’s winner, they plan to use the $5,000 to fund their certification as a Woman-Owned Small Business with the U.S. Small Business Administration and it will go towards exhibitor space at the North American Women’s Menopause Conference.

Contact:  Alli Truttmann – President and CEO – Wicked Sheets, LLC – alli@wickedsheets.com – 618.531.5284 – wickedsheets.com – facebook.com/wickedsheets  - @WickedSheets


OneMorePallet connects small shippers with trucking companies that have excess capacity to get a great deal using a Priceline.com like business model. What sets them apart from other ‘middle-men’ in their market is that they work in the best interest of the shipper, so the trucking companies receive incremental revenue at high margins.

Bill Cunningham – (859) 905-0663  – bill@onemorepallet.com – www.onemorepallet.com – @onemorepallet

PartyChic creates party kits that provide all the products and information necessary to host a simple, chic party—from showers, to birthdays to holiday entertaining. Their kits include professionally designed invitations that coordinate with tableware and decorations, as well as meal ideas, recipes, games and tips and tricks. Everything is packaged and sent right to the customer’s door – saving them the hassle of countless online searches and dozens of trips to various stores. By streamlining the party planning process, their customers can do what they are supposed to do — relax and have fun!


Shannon Gadd                                        Therese Pollett
Shannon@getpartychic.com                 Therese@getpartychic.com
502.526.7119                                          502.541.0361

Greenway Solar makes solar-powered signs that also can tap into a power grid when battery power is low.  Their goal is to lead the future, using their Solar-Powered LED energy management system, to power all future commercial signs.  Saving money and energy, while reducing the carbon footprint.

Contacts:  Jim Ballinger, Ernie Fry, and Jim Glass

Pheeva is rewards platform for online gaming that monetizes every game play in order to reward players with real prizes.  They provide game developers with a loyalty system that is equivalent to the successful Coke and Southwest Airlines rewards programs.

Contact:  Lafe Taylor – lafe@pheeva.com – http://pheeva.com