At our November lunch, Alan Grosheider, CEO of Blue222 and Director of Metro Startup Launcher, answered the question every early-stage entrepreneur wants to know — How do I raise money? Grosheider talked about nontraditional ways to raise capital for startups, including equity investment crowdfunding. He explored crowdfunding regulations and the challenges startups may face when seeking alternative funding. He also shared some ways the nonprofit Metro Startup Launcher can help local startups gain traction for their capital raise through its equity crowdfunding resources and access to several large equity funds.

Grosheider has been a Louisville-area entrepreneur since starting his first business in 1993. He has built several companies from the ground up, raising capital in various ways, including loans, credit cards, friends and family, private placements, crowdfunding and venture capital. His largest venture to date raised significant VC funds, became a nationwide environmental inspection company with operations in all 50 states, and eventually sold to a larger firm. In addition to his role at Metro Startup Launcher, Grosheider is currently building Blue222, a real estate due diligence app that is “uberizing” the business of real estate inspections on a global scale.