At our June lunch, Venture Connectors was pleased to host fashion, fitness and travel blogger Grace Wainwright of A Southern Drawl, Wainwright shared the story behind her success as a social influencer, which now includes 174,000+ followers on Instagram (@a_southerndrawl). Her style tips center on timeless and affordable staples with a feminine twist, and she is never afraid to try (or start) a new trend.

Wainwright started her blog in 2011 when she was a student at the University of Louisville, eventually graduating with a master’s degree in bioengineering. The blog served as a much-needed outlet for her creativity, so she chose to become a full-time blogger in 2015. She launched a new Instagram fitness account (@FitWithASD) in January 2018, where she shares her current workout routines and all things fitness. The new page already has more than 22,000 followers.