At our August lunch, Carla Dearing, founding CEO of Sum180 and head of product for FlexWage Solutions LLC, shared how she won big by getting the small details right. Her talk focused on how and why she launched financial technology (FinTech) startup with the express goal of attracting a strategic acquirer. Click here to read all about her talk in Business First.

At SUM180 and FlexWage, Dearing leads a team of financial experts, marketers and technologists who are making financial advice and better solutions available for the average person. She started her career at Morgan Stanley & Co. in financial analysis and new product development at the company’s New York, London and Geneva offices. She then co-founded a financial advisory and fund administration firm that was acquired by a Boston bank now owned by State Street Bank.

Dearing was the founding CEO of Community Foundations of America, Inc., involving 115 community foundations nationwide. She also served as a senior administrator in the university health care industry, focusing on strategy development and execution. She previously served as CEO of IMC, SUM180‚Äôs major investor.

Carla holds a bachelor of arts degree in economics and political science from the University of Michigan and an MBA from the University of Chicago.