We were excited to welcome Paul Ford as the keynote for our August lunch. Founder and CEO of Traffk, and Managing Principal of DS9 Capital, Paul generously shared his journey and insights into the advantages and disadvantages of building businesses in Kentucky.

Traffk is an innovative insurance underwriting and distribution platform designed to build and launch modern insurance products and brands that scale. DS9 Capital is a privately held business development company (BDC) focused on commercializing/warehousing IP and launching a portfolio of founder-friendly companies closely tied to insurance and financial services. Paul has successfully launched several companies out of his BDC, with more on the way.

Paul is a Northern California native, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He moved to Kentucky four years ago to improve quality of life and build in the region after surveying several destinations in the United States for his headquarters. Paul’s technology, insurance and economics background helps him carve out opportunities and build incredible networks that enable job creation and economic opportunities in the communities where he operates.