Derby wasn’t the only exciting event happening in Louisville the first week in May! Thank you to Bryce and Jill Morrison, the co-founders of Mom Water, for sharing the story of how they became accidental entrepreneurs following a vacation to the Dominican Republic.
After drinking sugary drinks and regretting it the next morning, Jill discovered a passionfruit water at the resort where they were staying and asked the bartender to add some vodka. Bryce relayed how that decision eventually led to Mom Water becoming one of the fastest growing brands in an incredibly competitive industry. The ready-to-drink cocktail made with lightly fruit-infused vodka and water is now available in 28 states across the country.
Bryce described their respective roles with the beverage company — he is in the “outside of the can,” while Jill is the “inside of the can — and what they have learned along the way. He talked about Mom Water’s initial product discovery phase, and how he and Jill came to develop “the cleanest thing in a can in the alcohol industry.” Unlike many hard seltzers, it has zero carbonation, zero sugar and zero carbs, and weighs in at just 90 calories per can.

Born and raised in Indiana, Jill Morrison was a career occupational therapist before co-founding Mom Water and Dad Water. After 20 years of patient care and later managing a therapy department, she left health care to pursue entrepreneurship. As a mom of three, it’s no wonder she can juggle everything from research and flavor development to hosting samplings and events. Jill has her hands in the day-to-day operations of Mom Water, and is the company’s namesake mom.

With a degree in business management and experience in sales and marketing, Bryce Morrison is co-founder and CEO of Mom Water. His background, like Jill’s, was in the health care industry, until entering the world of ready to drink beverages. Bryce helped lead the branding, marketing and creative aspects of Mom Water and Dad Water. Today, he spends much of his time growing the company, working on strategy, forecasting, managing manufacturing logistics and more.

Thank you, Bryce and Jill, for opening up about your unconventional journey!