Blog Policy

Policy for Submitting Blog Articles to Venture Connectors

We welcome blog submissions by individuals who wish to express their viewpoints and encourage discussion regarding start-up companies, angel investing, venture capital, entrepreneurship, and topics of interest to the Venture Connectors community.

Blogs may be submitted to: If you haven’t done a lot of writing for the Internet, there are many resources on the Internet for effective blog writing you might want to visit to learn how users read like this one: before you get started writing your article.

Screening and selection of blog submissions will be based, in part, on the following criteria: a) support for the Venture Connectors and its mission; b) content clarity and readability to engage readers; c) accuracy of information and facts; d) professionalism and the exercise of good judgment; and e) respect for diverse views and perspectives.

Venture Connectors reserves the right to edit written blog submissions for formatting, spelling, grammar, or as needed. Blog authors will be notified via e-mail before an article is accepted for posting. Any and all blog content is published at the sole discretion of the Venture Connectors.

All opinions expressed in postings to the blogs section of the Venture Connectors website are those of the individual authors (except where such blog postings are by authored by Venture Connectors board or members) and do not necessarily represent the views of the Venture Connectors. Blog authors are solely responsible for the material they submit for posting on the Venture Connectors website.

Bloggers are expected to stay on topic and avoid content that is obscene, offensive, sexually explicit, improper, inflammatory, or otherwise objectionable. We ask that bloggers refrain from posting content that could cause the blogger or the Venture Connectors to incur legal liability, such as violations of copyright or defamation laws. The Venture Connectors is a non-profit organization which cannot endorse or oppose candidates for elective office or political parties. We encourage bloggers to engage in that activity elsewhere, not on the Venture Connectors website. We also ask that bloggers do not post content for the purpose of commerce or commercial advertising. The Venture Connectors cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information in the content in the Blogs section of the Venture Connectors website and expressly disclaims any liability for any information or content in blog postings. Bloggers agree that the Venture Connectors maintains the sole right to remove blog postings for these reasons or for any reason at any time.

Venture Connectors provides no compensation for blog submissions published on its website.